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ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit enables any Windows or web application to integrate Twitter functionality. Your application will be able to send Tweets as well as view different time lines, find and follow users etc.

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit supports the following:

  • Post your Tweets on Twitter using your own software
  • Easy browsing through your own Tweets or the Tweets on any other time line
  • More...

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AspPDF is an ActiveX server component for dynamically creating, reading and modifying Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF is the de-facto world-wide standard for creating and exchanging platform-independent printable documents. Giving your ASP/ASP.NET-based Web applications the power to generate and modify PDF documents on the fly opens endless opportunities for you and your users.

Automatically generate customer invoices. Create password-protected financial reports. Automate form fill-out process. Produce encrypted and digitally signed documents. Send secure email with file attachments. Convert HTML pages to PDF, and PDF pages to images.


  • Ability to generate and read PDF documents from any application supporting COM.
  • Easy, intuitive object model.
  • Resultant PDFs can be saved to disk, memory, or an HTTP stream.
  • Support for external TrueType/OpenType fonts.
  • Optimized font embedding.
  • Multi-language support, special handling of Hebrew and Arabic alphabets, support for Arabic ligatures.
  • Support for a subset of HTML tags to facilitate formatted text rendering.
  • Word wrapping, text alignment to the left, right and center, full justification.
  • Image embedding, support for GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF formats.
  • Support for image masking, image transparency.
  • Document encryption with 40-bit and 128-bit keys.
  • X.509 certificate-based digital signing of new and existing documents.
  • Support for HTML-style tabular representation of information for easy report generation.
  • Modification of existing PDF documents, page adding and removal.
  • Page extraction.
  • PDF stamping.
  • Source documents can be read from disk as well as memory/database.
  • Document stitching.
  • Raw text content extraction for search and indexing purposes
  • Support for interactive features such as actions, annotations, outlines.
  • Support for interactive form fields such as checkboxes, text boxes, and pushbuttons.
  • Form fill-in.
  • Drawing of all major types of barcodes.
  • HTML to PDF conversion.
  • PDF to Image conversion.
  • Image extraction.
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