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TMS Grid Pack

TMS Grid Pack
TMS Grid Pack

TMS Grid Pack - TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid, TAdvGridExcelIO, TAdvGridRTFIO, TDBAdvGrid in one money and time saving pack

TMS Grid Pack includes:

  • TAdvStringGrid: highly supercharged string grid
  • TAdvGridDropDown: A multi column combobox on steroids
  • TAdvGridWorkbook: multisheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvColumnGrid: string grid with flexible column oriented property management
  • TAdvSpreadGrid: formula-aware spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TDBAdvGrid: data-aware version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvPreviewDialog: print preview dialog
  • TAdvGridPrintSettings: dialog for setting the various grid's print options
  • TAdvGridHTMLSettings: dialog for setting the various grid's HTML export features
  • TAdvGridFindDialog: dialog wrapping all grid's find functionality
  • TAdvGridImportDialog: dialog for help during TXT or CSV file import
  • TAdvGridExcelIO: native XLS file import & export with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvGridWorkbook TESBMathsLib: ESB Mathematics library for TAdvSpreadGrid by ESB Consultancy
  • TChartLink: Synchronize TChart's with grid's data in a codeless way
  • TFormCtrlLink: component to link any TWinControl descendent as inplace editor for grids
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