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ActiveXperts SMS and MMS Toolkit

SMS and MMS ActiveX/COM component for Microsoft Windows platforms. Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM/GPRS modem (incl. WaveCom, MultiTech, Siemens, Motorola, Falcom Samba), HTTP-POST provider, SMPP provider or TAP/UCP provider. Send and receive MMS messages via MM1 (GPRS), MM4 (SMTP) or MM7 (XML/SOAP). Features: delivery reports, Unicode, multi-part, ringtones, pictures, WAP bookmarks, WAP push, Flash and many more advanced features. Samples included ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, CShare C# .NET, Visual Basic, C++, ColdFusion, Java, Delphi, PHP, HTML, VBScript and more. Runs on any x86/x64 Windows platform.

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Add SMS and MMS capabilities to any application

TMS Async32

TMS Async32
TMS Async32

TMS Async32 is a communications package containing components which provide access to the serial ports under Windows. The event-driven architecture provides the highest possible performance and allows all the tools to run in the background.
Sample application for Delphi & C++Builder is included in the trial download.

Feature overview:

  • a proven concept for over 6 years.
  • advanced class object structure.
  • Advanced but easy to use design interface.
  • optimized even t-driven architecture.
  • provides the highest possible performance.
  • supports all important transfer protocols.
  • components to build advanced comport servers.
  • easy to use with any type of serial hardware.
  • links directly to your EXE, no runtime.
  • built-in support for XModem, YModem & ZModem protocols
  • codeless terminal component with extendable emulation interface
  • component for codeless visualisation of status
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