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ActiveSocket Network Toolkit

ActiveSocket is a Network Communication component for Windows.

It features:
DNS - IP-to-Country - ICMP Ping - HTTP - HTTPs - FTP - MSN (Windows Live) - NTP - RADIUS - RSH (Remote Shell) - SCP - SFTP - SNMP v1/v2c (Get,GetNext,Set) - SNMP MIB - SNMP MIB browser - SNMP MIB Walker - SNMP Traps - SSH (Secure Shell) - TCP - Telnet - TFTP - Wake-On-LAN and more.

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IPWorks Java Edition

IPWorks Java Edition
IPWorks Java Edition

IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development and is the core building block for most /n software products. IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development providing easy-to-use, programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the web, consuming web services, etc.

IP*Works! Features:

  • ATOM - ATOM client component supporting both feed retrieval and publishing. (V8+)
  • CalDAV - Access calendar/scheduling information on remote servers.
  • DNS - Full featured DNS component supporting every major DNS record format, including: AAAA (IPv6), Mailbox (MB), Mailbox Rename (MR), etc.
  • FileMailer - The FileMailer control provides an easy way to send emails with file attachments.
  • FTP - Transfer files to and from FTP servers. Easy, plug and play, extensible interface.
  • HTMLMailer - An easy way to send HTML Mail including embedded images.
  • HTTP - Access the World Wide Web from your applications, including HTML forms.
  • ICMPPort - Easy access to the IP control layer. Base for utilities such as 'ping', 'traceroute', etc..
  • IMAP - Easy access to corporate mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange.
  • IPDaemon - Generic TCP server component. Asynchronous, event-driven architecture.
  • IPInfo - A collection of DNS and other database functions. Both direct and reverse DNS queries. (not available for Pocket PC)
  • IPMonitor - Network Monitor packet capturing and protocol analysis component (Supports Windows 2000 or Linux 2.2 and later Operating Systems).
  • IPPort - Generic TCP stream client component. Asynchronous architecture.
  • JSON - Easily integrate with web services that produce JSON output.
  • LDAP - Search, manage, and maintain Internet Directory (LDAP) servers.
  • MCast - Internet Multicast component. Asynchronous architecture. Use to build clients or servers.
  • MIME - Easily encode and decode MIME structures such as message attachments, file uploads, etc..
  • MX - Find email servers for a particular domain/address. Often used to verify email address input.
  • NetClock - The NetClock control provides the current (GMT) time from an Internet Time Server.
  • NetCode - A collection of popular encoding and decoding functions: Base64, UUencode, URL, etc..
  • NetDial - Easy access to the Windows RAS layer. Manages dialup connections. (Not Available for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, or Java.)
  • NNTP - Read, search, and post articles on Internet Newsgroups (USENET).
  • Ping - The Ping control encapsulates ICMP ECHO functionality
  • POP - Easy retrieval of Internet Mail. Implements the standard POP3 protocol.
  • RCP - The RCP control implements Remote Copy Protocol, used to transfer files between systems.
  • REST - Standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay. (V8+)
  • Rexec - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
  • Rshell - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc..
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) component. Used for creating, retrieving, and editing RSS feeds. Supports RSS 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.
  • SMPP - Short Message Peer-to-Peer client component. Used to send SMS cellular text messaging.
  • SMTP - Used to send Internet (SMTP) Mail. Standards-based and extensible.
  • SNPP - Send messages to alphanumeric pagers through standard Internet Paging Gateways.
  • SOAP - Generic SOAP client supporting SOAP 1.1. Built on top of the IP*Works! XML parser.
  • Syslog - Client and Server component capable of sending or receiving system log messages.
  • Telnet - Telnet client component. Easy to use, standards-based, flexible, powerful.
  • TFTP - The TFTPClient control is used to exchange files with TFTP servers via the TFTP protocol.
  • TraceRoute - The TraceRoute control allows you to trace the path IP packets take on the Internet.
  • UDPPort - Easy interface to UDP packet communications. Use to build clients or servers.
  • WebDav - WebDAV Client component for distributed web authoring, versioning, and collaboration.
  • WebForm - The WebForm control is used to POST data to interactive web pages or scripts.
  • WebUpload - The WebUpload control is used to upload files to web servers.
  • Whois - The Whois control allows you to query a WHOIS Server for Domain registration information.
  • XMLp - SAX2 compliant XML parser with support for XPath DOM traversal and XML structure validation.
  • XMPP - Lightweight XMPP (Jabber) Client for communicating with XML based Jabber Servers.
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