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PowerWEB File Upload for ASP .NET

PowerWEB File Upload for ASP .NET
PowerWEB File Upload for ASP .NET

PowerWEB File Upload uses advanced Ajax techniques to transfer files from browser to web server while minimizing the server memory footprint. Typical file upload processes in ASP.NET require files to be uploaded and stored in memory before being exposed to the page cycle. File Upload allows you to stream files to disk, memory, or any Stream interface for advanced applications such as a direct file upload to an FTP server. Additionally, the look and feel of File Upload controls can be customized with custom fonts and images to seamlessly blend into your website design.

Many web applications such as content management systems, online communities, and photo albums require users to upload files. With PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET, adding sophisticated file upload functionality to your solution has never been easier. Your applications can also provide automatic, interactive upload progress reporting and give your end-users the ability to cancel uploads in progress.

Compared to the native ASP.NET HtmlInputFile control, the PowerWEB Upload control:

  • Can upload multiple files
  • Is a visual control that can be styled
  • Uses Ajax to upload files, eliminating the full-page refresh
  • Streams files to memory, disk, or any other streaming interface (to eliminate large memory allocations on the server)
  • Allows the user to cancel the upload at any time
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