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ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit enables any Windows or web application to integrate Twitter functionality. Your application will be able to send Tweets as well as view different time lines, find and follow users etc.

The ActiveXperts Twitter Toolkit supports the following:

  • Post your Tweets on Twitter using your own software
  • Easy browsing through your own Tweets or the Tweets on any other time line
  • More...

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DynamicPDF Generator for .NET

DynamicPDF Generator for .NET
DynamicPDF Generator for .NET

DynamicPDF Generator for .NET is an award winning product used for the real-time creation of PDF documents based on dynamic data. PDF documents can be generated straight to a Web Form, file, byte array or System.IO.Stream object. The assembly is 100% managed and uses only safe code. The object model is intuitive and easy to learn, yet at the same time is very powerful.

DynamicPDF Generator for .NET was designed with perfomance in mind. PDF documents are generated by default using a single pass architecture allowing the PDF output to be sent to the output stream as the document is being created. This minimizes the amount of data stored in RAM as the document is created and frees up resources as quickly as possible during the output process. The architecture is similar to the way ASP.NET renders controls and has proven to be highly efficient.

The object model is multithread safe. Multiple threads can generate PDF documents at the same time. Page Elements, Fonts, Images and other resources can be shared between threads without interfering with each other.

DynamicPDF Generator for .NET creates PDF documents from scratch and does not require the resources of a printer driver. Everything needed to create PDF documents is included in the product allowing the fastest possible execution of 100% managed and safe code. There are no external dependencies and the only thing required to use the product is version 1.0 or greater of the .NET framework. The product has been fully tested and optimized against the .NET Framework 2.0.

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